Instructions for Automobile Registration

These services are available ONLY to GPMs and those grandfathered in.

NOTE: Driver’s License and Bond issued by the Department of Transportation for the Government of The United States of America is required before proceeding with these steps (see Driver’s License page for more info) 

Requirements for Registration of Vehicle

A) Submit to this DOT a legible scan/copy of the State MVA Certificate of Title showing no existing security interests exist against the vehicle (a copy of the front and back of the MVA Certificate of Title is required).

B) Submit to this DOT a driving record report for the license-holder obtained from the State MVA going back five (5) years (or state maximum if defined)

C) Submit to the DOT two (2) color photographs of the automobile to be registered
1) a picture from the side containing the full body of the vehicle, and
2) a picture of the VIN Number from the sticker placed within Driver-side Door

(NOTE: photographs and documents that are blurred, over-exposed or are otherwise indiscernible will be rejected and the automobile registration process will be suspended until an acceptable replacement is submitted and approved by one of the DOT staff)

D) After completing Steps A, B and C, complete Form 101 found at this website (see Form 101).

E) Complete Form 101 and it will be automatically submitted to the DOT staff for processing.

F) Once Form 101 has been fully processed it will be recorded at the office of Deeds and Recordings and you will be provided a link by the registrar (for download purposes if / when necessary).

(NOTE: Information that is incomplete or inaccurate on Form 101 will halt the registration process)

Completion of the auto registration process is verified by receipt of the link from the registrar. The registration process MUST be completed prior to terminating registration with your local DMV.

To terminate registration at a State DMV

1) Collect your new registration (confirm you possess the certified copy) and gather sufficient personal credentials (IDs, Bond, etc.) issued to you from this Government as well as the original Certificate of Title (not a photocopy) issued to you from the State DMV.

2) Visit the local DMV

3) Inform the DMV clerk that you have “shipped the vehicle out of country” (not out of state — out of country!) and you would like to close out the DMV registration (basically, you are returning the DMV’s Certificate of Title to them as it is their property). When asked, present your IDs, new registration, etc. The clerk will then do what needs to be done.

4) Request a receipt of the transaction (acknowledgement that you returned their Certificate of Title). That’s it

NOTE: any given clerk at the DMV doesn’t necessarily handle this type of request everyday so the clerk may show a little hesitancy or confusion. But be patient and cooperative because once you have been given the DMV paperwork acknowledging the vehicle has been “shipped out of country”, you have accomplished a big step regarding your personal liberty.

5) If the State DMV offers a link online for notifying them of a sale of a vehicle, fill out that form indicating the vehicle was sold to your entity and that it was sold out of the US. You will receive an online receipt showing that you sold the vehicle and that it is sold out of the US.

Vehicle Registration Plates

Plates (Tags) have been approved by the National assembly. Once the vehicle is registered, shipped out of country, and a Title issued, then plates can be ordered.